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Profile of the Artist:  Sue Weathers

I began painting as a child in England, attended the local art school and completed the General Certificate in Education in Art.  I now paint full-time in oils, using painting knives in most of my work.  As my father was a Master Photographer and exhibiting member of the Institute of British Professional Photographers, I was immersed from childhood in all aspects of photography, from taking photographs to darkroom techniques.   I now work with digital cameras as well as film camera.

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Membership:    MCAA Uptown Gallery, 30 E Main St. Franklin, NC    828-349-4607

 Artist’s History

My first camera was a Kodak Box Brownie; by 8 years old I had graduated to a Zeiss Ikon, then to a Kodak 35mm camera I still own before earning a single lens reflex camera.  I toBloomok art classes at our town’s art school, with an emphasis on composition and drawing from life,   I helped out a lot in my parents’ retail, wholesale photofinishing and all things photographic business.   We were always short-staffed in the summer and it wasn’t uncommon for us to leave the printing works at three in the morning!  After completing ordinary, advanced and special level education certificates, I left home at 17 to attend the University of Liverpool, majoring in medical virology.   Although I worked in industry and as a university professor in Liverpool, I continued to travel back to my hometown to help out in my parents’ business.

My next move was to Alberta, Canada, doing post-doctoral studies in immune system reactions to attacks by infectious agents and cancer and teaching medical, dental and nursing students.  My career eventually led me to biological safety administration and I became the province’s laboratory safety consultant and President of our national organization.  At this time my interest in photography was my principal pastime, although it was accompanied by walking, skiing and camping in Northern Alberta and the foothills of the Canadian Rockies.

 About eight years after emigrating to Canada, I met my husband at a conference and soon was living in Atlanta.  We then moved to Lake Hartwell, where we lived for over ten years.  While I did help my husband and stepson in our laboratory safety consulting business, I needed to be home for my small son, so I took a job at the regional medical center.  For the next ten years, after I set up the training and organization development function, I served on the medical center’s quality and ethics committees, and chaired several award-winning health coalitions in the area.  We then moved to Florida, but hurricanes chased us back to Georgia after six years.  We now live in Macon County, North Carolina.

We love Franklin and the surrounding area.  This area was always our destination when we wanted to enjoy spring azaleas and fall color and we had many, many enjoyable visits.  Now I have a studio with an ever-changing view of meadows and mountains.

Artist’s StatementOut-With-Grandpa

Macon County is a continuing inspiration to me.  I love the changes in the light, the changes in the color and the serenity of the view from my windows.

The peace of this landscape is like a prayer, guiding my photography and painting no matter the subject of the art work.  But the ever-changing light, the weather and the seasons lend a dynamism I try to capture in my work.

Whatever the painting – abstract, portrait or nature – I always strive to go beneath the surface to the essential message sent to me from the subject.  I often sketch and paint en plein air, but I always complete the paintings in my studio.  I use painting knives extensively when painting with oils.

My photography is often similar in style to my paintings.  I use 35mm and digital cameras and my focus is on the capture of the image; I generally manipulate the image very little before printing, with the exception of abstracts.  All my prints are limited editions.